Rob Parkers Best Rust Remover

Rob Parkers Best Rust Remover RPB Rust Removerwill remove oxidisation marks and stains from your tile, porcelain, natural stone and (non polished) granite surfaces.

If your metal garden furniture has created rust stains where it has been sat on the patio areas, this product will rid the area of the staining.

If your patio is stained where ferrous oxide chemicals have leached from the products used in lawn maintenance work onto hard landscaped areas Rob Parkers Rust Remover will remove those marks.

This product will rescue your Kandla Grey Sandston Patio if it starts to leach iron oxide to the surfcae and begins to look ‘rusty’.

This product is ideal if clumsy contractors have spilt brick acid on your sandstone patio, creating rust staining (this is leaching of iron oxide again caused by the brick acid bringing the mineral to the surface)

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After treatment we advise resealing surfaces to prevent future staining.

How to Use

Rob Parkers Rust Remover is easy to apply. Just use a paint brush to apply to the stains and leave for up to 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Follow this link for more detailed advice on how to use

For safety guidance on this product please refer to MSDS.

NB. This product is acid, and therefore not suitable to use on any Limestone surfaces