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How can I remove brick acid staining from grey sandstone?

My grey sandstone is stained with brick acid, how do I remedy this?

Brick acid staining often occurs on grey sandstone when brick acid is used on this natural stone.

Brick acid is often used by contractors to ‘tidy up’ after the laying of a patio. Residual cement mortar deposits from the build process which have hardened are often dissolved away using this general use building product. On many materials no harmful effects can be noticed, but unfortunately the product is prone to drawing out the ferrous deposits within some sandstone materials. This can leave unsightly rust/orange staining on the sandstone.

Grey sandstone is particularly prone to being stained by this process, as it has a higher iron content than some other sandstones. Embedded within the structure of the stone unless coaxed out by this chemical process!

What can be done about the rusty coloured discolouration of my grey sandstone?

Rob Parker’s Best Rust Remover is highly effective at removing brick acid staining from grey sandstone paving. We developed Rob Parker’s Best Rust Remover specifically to deal with this problem.

We advise our customers to use Rob Parker’s Best Conclear to clean up, post installation – it is far safer. However, if you took the wrong turn and have used brick acid, we have devised the cure!

How to use Rob Parker’s Best Rust Remover

It is an easy product to use. Just use a paint brush to apply to the stains and leave for up to 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Rob Parker’s Best Rust Remover will also be effective at removing rust stains that have occurred on other stone materials, from other sources. E.g.

  • Rust deposits from garden furniture that have stained stone surfaces
  • Ferrous deposits that have leached from within sandstone after the use of garden chemicals such as moss and weed-killers

Please be careful though. This product is an acid and therefore not suitable for use on any limestone materials (including travertine, marble, etc).

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