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Colour Enhancing Sealer Technical Data Sheet  

Enhances the colour of a surface together with an all-round protection for porous surfaces. Suitable for indoor and outdoor stone and concrete.

General product description

COLOUR ENHANCING SEALER provides an optimum all-round protection for porous building materials. This single product provides water and oil repellent protection especially for flooring but also on walls and roofing whilst enhancing the colour of natural stone and concrete products. It can be used inside and outdoors on both highly porous and low porosity materials e.g. Concrete, limestone, granite, sandstone, marble & slate. Not suitable for polished surfaces. A non-film-forming surface impregnation, where the surface remains permeable to air and water vapour.

Advantages and characteristics

Directions for use


Available in 1 and 5 litre containers.


Keep product in a cool, dry place. Keep away from extreme cold and do not store in conditions below 5º C. In an unopened container, stored in the recommended conditions the product shelf life is 12 months.

Recommendations for use

Application rate

This will depend on the materials’ porosity. This guide indicates approximate rates only.

MaterialApproximate rate
Architectural concrete5m²/litre
Natural stone2-5m²/litre
Block paving5-8m²/litre

Technical data

Technical assistance

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Important: The contents of this document are the result of experience gained with this product. The company cannot be held liable for its use in individual cases. Fore more information, please see the Material Safety Data Sheet.