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Grease Stains

Grease stains on your paving or driveway can be unsightly and difficult to remove. Whether it’s spilt cooking oil, car grease, or any other oily substance, you want your outdoor spaces to look pristine.

Removing Grease and Oil Stains

When a grease stain occurs, it’s essential to act quickly. The faster you address it, the easier it will be to remove. Begin by blotting the excess grease with paper towels or rags. Avoid rubbing, as this can spread the stain.

If the stain has become deeply entrenched or is proving to be particularly resistant, consider using a specialised cleaning product such as RPB Heavy Duty Surface Cleaner, specifically formulated to tackle stubborn grease and oil stains.

How to use RPB Heavy Duty Surface Cleaner

  1. Use either neat or dilute as necessary. (Maximum dilution ratio 1 part product: 10 parts water)
  2. Apply using a brush or spray and allow to penetrate dirt, oil or grease.
  3. Agitate with a stiff brush if used on heavy soiling.
  4. Rinse clean with clean pressurised hot water
  5. Vacuum up dirty water and loosen residue with a wet and dry vacuum.
  6. In a confined area, use a low-pressure hose and scrubbing brush.

Preventing Future Grease Stains

Prevention is often the best solution. To prevent grease and oil stains on your outdoor surfaces: