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Patio Colour Enhancer

Is your patio starting to show signs of wear and tear? Do you long for the vibrant colours it once had? Fortunately, there’s a solution that can breathe new life into your outdoor space; patio colour enhancers.

Over time, exposure to the elements can cause your patio’s colours to fade and lose their vibrancy. If your patio looks tired and aged, it’s time for a makeover. Instead of replacing the entire patio, consider these steps to rejuvenate it.

Restoring Patio Colour

Restoring your patio’s appearance requires a comprehensive approach encompassing cleaning, repair, and enhancement. Start the process by thoroughly cleaning the patio to eliminate gathered dirt, grime and residual sealants. In the case of persistent stains, use a patio-specific cleaner with no harsh chemicals in order to remove stains without harming the surface. Following this, administer a colour enhancing sealer, such as RPB Colour Enhancing Sealer, that not only rejuvenates the colour but also serves as a shield against potential fading in the times ahead.

How to Use RPB Colour Enhancing Sealer on Your Patio

  1. The patio must be clean, dry and free from dust.
  2. Lightly apply using a low-pressure sprayer, or by roller or brush.  Do not dilute the product.
  3. Remove excess product with a dry cloth within 30 minutes of application.
  4. Treated surfaces will be visually dry in 20-90 minutes depending on the surface type and the surrounding humidity and temperature conditions
  5. Clean all tools and equipment with water immediately after use
  6. Optimum results will be achieved after 5-7 days of application