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Anti-slip Treatment

For stones or tiles which can be slippery when wet, such as polished marble, honed limestones or slates, usually internal stones, our Rob Parker’s Best range has an anti-slip treatment, which does not alter the surface.


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This product is a treatment for mineral surfaces that improves slip-resistance properties. It can be used in factories, communal areas, gyms, wet-rooms, kitchen floors, swimming pool surrounds, and lots more – anywhere where floors are slippery, especially when wet.

This anti-slip treatment also seals porous surfaces to prevent staining and enhances the surface colour, yet it is not a coating. It is ideal for limestone, granite, slate and sandstone.

Always test apply on a small hidden portion of the

Guide treatment times:
 For concrete: Use neat (allow to react
for up to 60 minutes).
 For slabs, porcelain, tiles: Use neat (allow to react for
up to 40-60 minutes).
 For polished granite: Use neat (allow to react for up to
40-60 minutes).

Apply the product onto clean and dry surface applying it
with the assistance of a brush or a low-pressure spray.
Make sure the product stays present over the complete
surface during treatment. Top-up with more product as
required. Do not allow a treated surface to become dry
throughout the treatment period. After treatment, rinse
carefully with water. The treated surface can be used
immediately it becomes dry. Repeat the operation again if
additional slip-resistance is required, depending on the
floor and the resistance level measurement.