Is Rob Parkers Best Algae Remover safe to use around pets and plants?

We often get asked if Rob Parkers Best Algae Remover is safe to use near plants and pets. 

This is a question we are increasingly asked as the product is becoming more widely known for its success at renovating green areas of patios. 

Always use Rob Parkers Best products in accordance with instructions given

When using any of our Rob Parkers Best products, always follow the instructions given on the packaging closely. We also have further information for the safe and effective use of our products available online.  This may be the Technical Data Sheet or the MSDS given for each product. Plus for some products, including Rob Parkers Best Algae Remover, we have also produced a video to help users visualise the instructions given for best most effective use. 

Rob Parkers Best Algae Remover is supplied to you in a concentrated format.  This is to be diluted by the user in 8 litres of water.  The reason we supply in a concentrated format (250ml) is to enable us to reduce plastic packaging.  Plus, we have calculated that for most households, the amount supplied will provide sufficient (diluted) dosage to clean one patio, therefore removing the need to store, or dispose of extra unused product. 

 Instructions and advice on how to use Rob Parkers Best products may be available in several different places.  

We give comprehensive advice on the packaging regarding the safe use of this product. The MSDS supplied for this product refers to the undiluted format. In its neat format, it is harmful if swallowed, and skin should be protected during application.   

It therefore follows that pets should be kept away from areas that are being treated whilst wet product is in use, in case of accidental spillage by the user.  We also advise that plants should be protected and not sprayed with the solution.   

However, once heavily diluted with water as per the label and TDS instructions the product does only what it is formulated to do, that is, it is absorbed into organic vegetation and in time causes the growth to die. 

Rob Parkers Best Algae Remover is safe around all plants and animals after the treated area is dry.

Surfaces treated in accordance with the label and TDS will dry and no animal, whether pets, frogs, toads, snakes, bats, hedgehogs etc will be harmed in any way from ‘licking’ such treated surfaces. The product is biodegradable and there are no issues either for runoff into the guttering and drainage system. 

The product has long been used not only for patios, but also Tennis Courts, Roofs and Garden Furniture and there has never been an issue and the product is perfectly suitable for all these surfaces where wild animals and pets are likely to roam. 

As with all household products care should be taken to ensure humans, animals and plants are not unnecessarily exposed to chemicals that could cause harm if inappropriately consumed.  Therefore, the user must at all times be aware of their workspace and the people, animals and plants for whom they are responsible, during application of products.