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Rob Parker’s Best Granite Cleaner

Rob Parker’s Best Quartz and Granite Cleaner is ideal for daily use on worktops on stoneware to remove dirt, grime, and watermarks. During the cleaning process, the surface is safeguarded from scratching as the active ingredients work to clean and shine in a single application. It is suitable on a multitude of surfaces including marble, quartz and granite.

Quartz & Granite Cleaner

Advantages and Characteristics of our Granite Cleaner

  1. Reduces Water Marks & Grime Build-up
  2. No Acids: the formulation of this cleaner ensures the exclusion of harsh acids, making it a safe granite cleaner option for delicate surfaces.
  3. Low Odour: our low odour formula, ensures a pleasant cleaning experience without overwhelming chemical scents.
  4. Easy & Safer to Use: simply spray an even coat and wipe it off after 30-40 seconds, no need for vigorous scrubbing or harsh chemicals.
  5. Requires No Rinsing: a streak-free surface is achieved without the necessity of additional rinsing.

Directions for Using RPB Granite Cleaner

  1. Test a Small Area: As with any new cleaning product, it’s best to test a small, inconspicuous area before using it on the entire surface.
  2. Even Coat Application: Spray an even coat of Rob Parker’s Best Granite Cleaner on the surface to be cleaned.
  3. No Dilution Needed: Use the cleaner neat as supplied – no need to dilute it with water.
  4. Brief Waiting Period: Allow the granite cleaner to sit on the surface for 30-40 seconds to activate its cleaning power.
  5. Wipe and Buff: wipe and buff off the excess cleaner with a dry, soft cotton cloth or kitchen towel.

To learn more about this product and purchase it for your cleaning needs, see Rob Parker’s Best Quartz and Granite Cleaner.