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Stone Floor Cleaner

When it comes to maintaining you’re natural stone floors, Rob Parker’s Best Stone Floor Cleaner is a remarkably efficient cleaner that can be used in residential & commercial properties. RPB Floor Cleaner has a diverse range of applications and benefits.

Versatile Cleaning Power: Rob Parker’s Best Floor Cleaner isn’t just limited to stone floors. It’s a versatile, multipurpose cleaner suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you’re cleaning patios, kitchens, or entertaining areas, our cleaner has you covered.

Stress-Free Maintenance: no strenuous scrubbing or excessive maintenance is needed. RPB Floor Cleaner is a powerful alkaline cleaner that easily removes grease, dirt and stains.

Advantages of our Stone Floor Cleaner

Our stone floor cleaner is available in 1kg containers. For heavy soiling, use 2/3rds of a cap of the product and for light general cleaning, use 1/3rd of a cap.

To learn more about this product and purchase it for your cleaning needs, see RPB Floor Cleaner.