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Anti-slip Treatment Technical Data Sheet 

General product description

 Ensures that using a simple process, slippery surfaces become low-slip.
 Can be applied to mineral surfaces, ceramic, concrete and terrazzo tiles.
 Does not materially alter the chemical composition of a surface.
 Is for use in factories, communal areas, nursing
homes, entrance halls, gyms, swimming pool surrounds, pedestrian crossings, kitchen floors, shower units and anywhere floors are slippery, especially
when wet.
 Materials prone to slip and contain significant
amounts of silica, can have these effectively
pitted giving an anti-slip effect that with minimal
change to the aesthetics of a surface.
 Is a product which is non-hazardous and can easy to
 Has a pleasant odour enabling it to be used
anywhere, even in a closed room.


 Physical State at 20 °C : Liquid
 Appearance : Colourless
 Odour : Scented
 pH : 4 ± 0.5
 Boiling point [°C] : 100 °C
 Density : 1.1
 Solubility in water [vol/vol] : Fully soluble
 Flash Point [°C] : Not applicable
1L and 5L, containers




Store away from frost and heat in a dry place:
temperature between 5 °C and 30 °C. Shelf life is
24 months from the production batch date when
kept in the original unopened container.

Recommendations for use

“Always test apply on a small hidden portion of the
Guide treatment times:
 For concrete, terrazo slabs: Use neat (allow to react
for up to 60 minutes).
 For slabs, porcelain, tiles: Use neat (allow to react for
up to 40-60 minutes).
 For polished granite: Use neat (allow to react for up to
40-60 minutes).
Apply the product onto clean and dry surface applying it
with the assistance of a brush or a low-pressure spray.
Make sure the product stays present over the complete
surface during treatment. Top-up with more product as
required. Do not allow a treated surface to become dry
throughout the treatment period. After treatment, rinse
carefully with water. The treated surface can be used
immediately it becomes dry. Repeat the operation again if
additional slip-resistance is required, depending on the
floor and the resistance level measurement.
Maintenance: PureKleen AS can be used diluted, up to
20% with water, as part of a cleaning maintenance of the
surface. This would be carried out as viewed appropriate
depending on the degree and type of foot traffic as well as
the substrate material

Technical assistance

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Important: The contents of this document are the result of experience gained with this product. The company cannot be held liable for its use in individual cases. For more information, please see the Material Safety Data Sheet.