How & Why to Use Rob Parkers Best Stone Floor Cleaner

Rob Parkers Best Stone Floor Cleaner has been specifically designed for cleaning stone floors.  It is different from many other products on the market, and its formulation (powder) is precisely why it is so much more effective than other products available.

Find out how to clean and care for your precious stone floor here.

Over the years many of our stone flooring customers ask us how to keep their stone floors looking as good as the day they were first put down.  Whether they purchased our stone or bought their floor elsewhere, there seems to be a general lack of knowledge about how to best care for these stone floors long term.

Some stone owners take a short cut at the beginning. It is very important to seal a new stone floor before use. Many skip this advice and regret it later.  Other stone owners, having bought the floor some years before, and following advice to seal the floor, find that the sealer used has been ineffective.

The lack of an effective sealer can leaver stone owners feeling unable to maintain and enjoy their stone floors.

Sealers have improved massively in recent years, and we strongly recommend Rob Parkers Best Patio Sealer or Colour Enhancing Sealer.

Many of these customers have experienced dirty floors which they have struggled to clean effectively, as they have not been able to find the right products to clean them. In some cases, out of frustration, they were about to give up on what should have been a once in a lifetime purchase, and rip the floor up, mainly because they were not finding the correct products in supermarkets to clean & care for their stone floors.

As a result of customer demand, Rob Parkers Best has designed a range of products especially for owners of stone, and we have a great product for cleaning stone floors in Rob Parkers Best Floor Cleaner.

Regular mopping with a supermarket style detergent simply won’t address the specific needs of a stone floor.  Those needs are not particularly demanding, and once met your floor will redeem its lustre, looking fresh again.

All stone floors have pores of differing sizes. Dust and dirt particles become lodged in these pores over a period of time. These are not always perceivable to the naked eye, and therefore simply mopping the surface (even regularly) with the wrong product will, over a period of time result in quite a lot of ingrained dirt remaining on the floor, which becomes embedded in these pores, making the stone floor lose its sheen and original appearance.

Our cleaner works by penetrating the pores, and then, during the soaking period, dislodging the dirt.  This cleaner will work on any stone floor regardless of the pore size, plus it will clean the grout. If you adopt the advised regime carefully, which will allow the product to work effectively, you will find your floor regains its original lustre.

Read on to learn how to deep clean your stone floor using Rob Parkers Best Stone Floor Cleaner.


Method of Use for Rob Parkers Best Floor Cleaner: –

Pour a heaped capful of the dry powder into a bucket along with hot water. Agitate and allow the powder to dissolve.  Mop the floor cleaner solution liberally over the floor . Repeat the application of the solution, soaking the floor for up to an hour, depending on the level of dirt.  If the floor looks as if it is drying out it is necessary to apply more.

As the solution soaks into the stone, this will begin to dislodge the ingrained dirt from the stone pores.  As the dirt loosens, space is created in the pores allowing the cleaning solution to penetrate deeper into the pores.

After half an hour, mop the floor dry.  Remove all the water using the mop (ensuring you keep wringing out the mop as you go, to aid drying). This will have removed some of the dirt.

The dirt is loosened further during the drying process. With each subsequent clean, the stone pores will become more  filled with the cleaning solution in dry form. This is a desirable outcome. When the pores are filled with the granular floor cleaner, no dirt can accumulate there.  Over time, with the pores filled, this will help to keep your floor cleaner, for longer.

Leave the floor to dry naturally.

For a first, (or) deep clean, repeat the process once more. During the second application you will see the dirt come off in abundance.  This process should be repeated until there is no more dirt to be removed.

View video of Method for using Floor Cleaner here>>

After thorough cleaning we recommend resealing the stone floor. This will protect it, and enable lighter cleaning of the floor going forward.

Alternatively, we advise you to repeat the deep clean after a few months.