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Do You Need to Seal Your Quartz Worktop?

Do You Need to Seal Your Quartz Worktop?

Quartz worktops are popular in homes and can often be found in contemporary kitchens and bathrooms, due to their beautiful aesthetic and hardwearing nature. Their popularity can also be attributed to their resilience against everyday wear and tear. However, the question of whether you need to seal quartz surfaces is important for homeowners looking to maintain their investment.

Understanding Quartz Surfaces

Quartz is celebrated for its non-porous nature, which distinguishes it from other natural stones like granite and marble. This quality makes quartz countertops inherently resistant to stains, bacteria, and mildew, placing them as a hygienic option for both kitchen and bathroom environments. Despite these advantages, the debate on whether to apply a quartz sealer persists.

The Case for Sealing Quartz Worktops

While quartz is resistant to staining and bacterial growth due to its non-porous surface, sealing it can offer an additional layer of protection. High-quality quartz sealers like Rob Parker’s Best Quartz and Granite Sealer provide a barrier against potential damage from high-impact incidents, ensuring that your worktops remain as beautiful as the day they were installed. This extra step in quartz countertop maintenance can safeguard against unforeseen accidents, extending its longevity and keeping surfaces looking beautiful for longer.

Selecting the Right Quartz Sealer

Choosing the best quartz sealer is imporant. A quartz sealer should provide strong protection against water, stains, and acidic etching, ensuring the surface remains clean, while also being easy to apply and keeping the clarity of the quartz without leaving any residue or affecting its appearance. Products specifically designed for quartz, such as the RPB Quartz and Granite Sealer, meet this criteria, ensuring that your countertops remain safe and well-protected, without compromising on its appearance.

How to Seal Quartz Countertops with RPB Quartz Sealer

Step 1: Preparation
Begin by cleaning the quartz surface with a mild detergent. RPB Quartz and Granite Cleaner is an excellent choice, designed to complement the sealing process by preparing your worktops without leaving any residue. Ensuring the surface is completely dry is critical for the sealer to adhere properly.

Step 2: Testing
Before committing to sealing the entire countertop, do a spot test in a less visible area. This ensures the sealer’s compatibility with your quartz, enhancing rather than detracting from the appearance of your work surface.

Step 3: Application

Shake the bottle well to mix its contents thoroughly. Spray a thin, even coat of sealer over the surface. Work in manageable sections to maintain control over the application, avoiding any pooling or excess.

Step 4: Penetration

After application, allow the sealer to penetrate the quartz for 30-40 seconds. This brief waiting period lets the sealer fill the microscopic crevices in the quartz, forming a protective barrier.

Step 5: Buffing

Using another clean, dry cloth, buff the surface to a shine. This not only removes any excess sealer but also polishes the countertop, highlighting its natural beauty.

Step 6: Drying

The sealer will dry to the touch within 20 minutes, but for optimal protection, it’s best to wait 2-3 days before resuming regular use of the worktop. This curing time ensures the sealer has fully bonded with the quartz, providing maximum protection.

The Benefits of Sealing Quartz Worktops

Sealing your quartz worktops offers numerous benefits. It enhances resistance to staining and etching, especially from acidic substances like lemon juice or vinegar. Sealed surfaces are also easier to clean, requiring only a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth to maintain their lustre. Additionally, sealing can help prevent the accumulation of bacteria and mould, contributing to a healthier living environment.

Maintenance Tips for Sealed Quartz Worktops

To maximize the lifespan of your sealed quartz countertops, follow these maintenance tips:

Quartz worktops are a valuable addition to any home as they possess both beauty and durability. Although they are resistant to most types of damage, applying a quartz sealer can add an extra layer of protection and ensure that your countertops remain the centrepiece of your home for years to come. By choosing the right products and following the correct application process, you can safeguard your quartz surfaces against any potential harm.

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