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Twin Pack: Quartz & Granite Cleaner & Floor Cleaner

Rob Parker’s Best Twin Pack of Quartz & Granite Cleaner (500ml) and Floor Cleaner.

Twin pack: £28 + VAT

VAT is included in this price

These two products work perfectly hand-in-hand! Use Rob Parker’s Best Quartz and Granite Cleaner, and Rob Parker’s Best Floor Cleaner to keep your stone surfaces looking sparkling and clean and protect them from stains, grime and watermarks!

Quartz and Granite Cleaner:

  • Use neat as supplied, spraying in an even coat direct from the bottle
  • Leave 30-40 seconds
  • Wipe off excess with a dry soft cotton cloth or kitchen paper towel
  • Buff with a fresh dry clean cotton cloth or kitchen paper towel
  • To prevent further soiling it is recommended to use a suitable protection treatment from the Rob Parker’s Best Sealer Range
  • This is a low hazard product but for safety guidance  please refer to MSDS 

Floor Cleaner:

  • For heavily soiled areas use 1 heaped capful of floor cleaner, or for lightly soiled areas use 1/2 capful of product.
  • Pour measured floor cleaner into a plastic bucket filled with 10Litres of clean warm water & gently stir until all product is dissolved.
  • Apply solution generously with a mop or plastic watering can and leave for 5-15minutes
  • Do not allow solution to dry on surface being cleaned.  On large areas the process needs to be carried out in sections
  • Use a mop or sponge to clean the surface.  Heavily soiled areas should be gently agitated with a bristle broom
  • Repeat application process if necessary & finally rinse the cleaned surface thoroughly with clean water & allow to dry.
  • Read a fuller description of the method here
  • Storage: Keep container tightly sealed in a cool, dry & well ventilated place
  • Always test a small area before use.  Refer to Product Guide for full details
  • This is a low hazard product but for safety guidance please refer to MSDS.

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