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Tips on using Rob Parker’s Best Patio Cleaner

Tips for Using Rob Parker’s Best Patio Cleaner

As we use the product so often ourselves, we thought some extra advice might be useful…

I have used the product as instructed, but I still have some black marks remaining?

Sometimes a second application (following the directions for use on the pack) may be required. The product also works at its very best on a warm, dry surface, so really stubborn stains should be tackled again on a warm day. We also found that for stubborn marks, brushing the product around also helped.

It is very cold; can I still clean my patio?

The product should not be used if the surface temperature is below 5 degree centigrade. The warmer the surface temperature, the faster the cleaning.

It is very hot; can I still clean my patio?

The product can be used on a hot day, for maximum benefit the stone should be kept saturated with the cleaner.

How long can I leave the cleaner on my patio?

The cleaner should be washed off, as per the instructions on the label, after 60 minutes.

What is the best way to remove the cleaner?

Rinse off with water using a stiff bristle brush. A power washer can be used with care.

I have some stone benches and other stone items in my garden, can I clean them using the patio cleaner?

The product is formulated to be used with all types of outdoor stone and concrete, your stone items will look as good as new.

I accidently splashed some product onto a surface I did not want to be cleaned?

Wipe off immediately as per the directions for use.