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ConClear - cement stain remover


If you have cement stains on your surfaces, don’t panic! Rob Parker’s Best ConClear removes cement stains & spills safely and easily.

1 litre: £15.40

5 litres: £55.00

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Our ConClear is ideal for dissolving & removing cement build-up and stains from natural stone and other common substrates.

ConClear is safe to use on all natural stone materials, although we advise careful use on Black limestone, other limestones and Kandla Grey sandstone.

• Use neat or diluted with water (up to 1 vol. of CONCLEAR with 2 vols. of water)
• IMPORTANT: Shake the closed container for 30 seconds before opening for use.
• Pre-wet the area to be cleaned with water.
• Apply evenly over the contaminated area, using a low pressure sprayer.
• A heavy initial application should be made when cleaning off cement and concrete residuals that are old and thick.
• Re-apply after 10 minutes.
• Leave for a minimum contact time of 45mins.* for use on limestone, especially black limestone, & Kandla Grey sandstone see alternative instructions below
• It is important to keep the treated surface moist during the treatment stage as a dry surface means the cleaning reaction has stopped. (Cover to protect from evaporation if necessary)               However, if the surface dries then re-apply CONCLEAR.
• Rinse off thoroughly with water using a pressure washer.

*Further tips below, see our blog with extensive tips for getting the best from this product*

NB. On limestones, especially Black Limestone– Use on affected area only, dabbing & removing frequently until desired effect is achieved.  Do not leave on surface for longer than necessary to remove cement residue. Do not allow to dry.

NB. On Kandla Grey Sandstone– Use for the minimum time required to remove the cement spills, i.e. be diligent and watch for the cement to dissolve, then rinse immediately. Otherwise you risk activating the natural iron deposits within the stone.

See Conclear data sheet here>>

This is a safe product but please read MSDS>> for full Details

Yes, ConClear is ideal to use for removing cement stains from Indian sandstone, plus many other materials, including stone flooring, metals, plastics, rubber, glass, paint and most other common substrates.

Use ConClear to remove this. Follow our extensive guidelines on how to get the best results.

ConClear is an acidic formulation (glycolic urea) that works on any cement substrate. It softens the cement, making it into a slush that can be washed away easily. ConClear is an inert material that will not harm any surface that it is in contact with.

When using ConClear on Kandla Grey or Black Limestone, please use for the minimum time required to dissolve the mortar. Over use on Kandla Grey will possibly result in the release of iron deposits that are naturally held within the stone. Overuse on Black Limestone will cause the surface to ‘cloud’ and go grey.

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Conclear cement remover

"Having had a new patio installed with Indian sandstone the workman had left a lot of cement splashes and stones didn't look to good. So I tried best ConClear cement remover. I wasn't holding out for a miracle but it is amazing , it took most cement stains off but it also brought out the beauty and colour in the stone... I'm delighted."


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