Rob Parkers Best Heavy Duty Surface Cleaner

This surface cleaner is a serious degreaser, suitable for use on inside and outside stone & concrete surfaces.heavy duty surface cleaner

  • Removes oil & greasy stains eg. motor oil
  • Cleans away general soiling
  • This is a non acidic concentrate
  • Product is safe to use on all stone & concrete
  • This product will not alter the colour of the substrate

This cleaning product will penetrate deeply into the surface to lift even the toughest of stains.

It is ideal for unprotected stone  and concrete surfaces.

  • Superb degreasing properties
  • Excellent at cleaning extreme oil and fuel stains from porous substrates
  • Safe to use neat or dilute depending on cleaning issue.

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How to use this surface cleaner

  • Always test apply on a small hidden portion of substrate before starting your project.
  • Coverage rate is totally dependant on level of cleaning required
  • Use either neat or dilute as necessary. (Maximum dilution ratio 1 part product : 10 parts water)
  • Apply using brush or spray and allow to penetrate dirt, oil or grease.
  • Agitate with a stiff brush if using on heavy soiling
  • Rinse clean with clean pressurised hot water
  • Vacuum up dirty water and loosened residue with a wet and dry vacuum
  • In a confined area, use a low pressure hose and scrubbing brush
  • Clean equipment with clean warm water

Now your surface is cleaned, we recommend maintaining the achieved appearance by applying Rob Parkers Best Sealer>>