Rob Parker’s Best Colour Enhancing Sealer

Stone paving colour enhancing sealerUse Rob Parker’s Best Colour Enhancing Sealer  on all concrete and stone surfaces where the natural finish is dull and disappointing.  It will bring the surface to life, whilst protecting the surface against staining and deterioration.

Easy to apply with long lasting results.

Rob Parker’s Best Colour Enhancing Sealer has been specially formulated to prevent porous surfaces from becoming stained and soiled, whilst enhancing the surface colour of dull or tired looking stone or concrete surfaces.

It will make the surface easy to clean and keep surfaces looking as new for a long time.

This product is not a coating and will therefore enable the surface to breathe

This treatment also offers protection against the main causes of surface deterioration such as atmospheric pollution, grease type dirt, penetration of liquids, graffiti, and also makes the removal of chewing gum easier

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How to Use

Surface to be treated must be clean, dry and free from dust.

Lightly apply using a low pressure sprayer, or by roller or brush.  Do not dilute product.  Remove excess product with a dry cloth within 30mins of application.

Treated surfaces will be visually dry in 20-90 mins depending on the surface type & the surrounding humidity & temperature conditions

Clean all tools & equipment with water immediately after use

Optimum results will be achieved after 5-7 days of application

Do not dilute or mix with another product.  Do not apply to organic or metallic surfaces.

Do not apply when rain is imminent or when air or surface temperatures are lower than 5 degrees. Please refer to Product Guide for full details

Safety Precautions

For safety precautions whilst using this product please refer to MSDS