Rob Parkers Best ConClear


Remove cement stains & spillage safely with Rob Parker’s Best  CONCLEAR .
Rob Parkers Best ConClear- remove cement stains easily & ecologically


Remove cement stains easily.  This product is ideal for removing cement residues

from stone flooring, metals, plastics, rubber, glass, paint and most other common substrates.

Conclear is safe to use on all natural stone materials.

NB Common brick acid should never be used on natural stone.  It is destructive and will ruin many types of natural stone, especially Black Limestone and Kandla Grey Paving,  causing irreparable damage. Please tell your contractor to use ConClear, the safe alternative, which is effective but gentle.

General Description

CONCLEAR is the perfect solution to removing messy cement

spills and build up.

Ideal for cleaning ready-mix trucks and pumps, precast concrete moulds and framework.
Just spray on and the mess is gone!

• Does not damage substrate
• Biodegradable
• Safe to use
• Cost effective
• Easy to apply
• Ideal for flooring

How to Use

Use neat or diluted with water (up to 1 vol. of CONCLEAR with 2 vols. of water)
• IMPORTANT: Shake the closed container for 30 seconds before opening for use.
• Pre-wet the area to be cleaned with water.
• Apply evenly over the contaminated area, using a low pressure sprayer.
• A heavy initial application should be made when cleaning off cement and concrete residuals that are old and thick.
• Re-apply after 10 minutes.
• Leave for a minimum contact time of 45mins.
However, if the surface dries then re-apply CONCLEAR.
• It is important to keep the treated surface moist during the treatment stage as a dry surface means the cleaning reaction has stopped. (Cover to protect from evaporation if necessary)
• Rinse off thoroughly with water using a pressure washer.

Please read full directions for use here>>

This is a safe product but please read MSDS>> for full Details