Rob Parker’s Best Floor Cleaner

Stone Floor CleanerRob Parker’s Best Stone Floor Cleaner is a powerful alkaline cleaner for use on indoor and outdoor surfaces.  For effective and safe cleaning of heavy or light soiled floors.

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How to Use

For heavily soiled areas use 1 heaped capful of floor cleaner, or for lightly soiled areas use 1/2 capful of product.

Pour measured floor cleaner into a plastic bucket filled with 10Litres of clean warm water & gently stir until all product is dissolved.

Apply solution generously with a mop or plastic watering can and leave for 5-15minutes

Do not allow solution to dry on surface being cleaned.  On large areas the process needs to be carried out in sections

Use a mop or sponge to clean the surface.  Heavily soiled areas should be gently agitated with a bristle broom

Repeat application process if necessary & finally rinse the cleaned surface thoroughly with clean water & allow to dry.

Read a fuller description of the method here

Storage: Keep container tightly sealed in a cool, dry & well ventilated place

Always test a small area before use.  Refer to Product Guide for full details

This is a low hazard product but for safety guidance please refer to MSDS.