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How do I remove rust marks from my patio?

Rust marks can appear on a patio for various reasons and can prove tricky to remove. Rust marks can stain a patio where metal furniture has been placed onto a stone patio for example.

If you employ a lawn maintenance company, they may spread fertiliser around your patio and path area. These products can contain iron, and when mixed with water and air they become iron oxide. Again, this will create rust marks on top of the stone surfaces such as patios and pathways.

Oxide deposits can also be released from within stone paving if your contractor uses brick acid (note: please do not use brick acid – Rob Parker’s Best ConClear is much safer) to clean up after installing a stone patio. This will appear as brown rusty coloured stains on the surface of your paving, especially on Kandla Grey sandstone, which is particularly affected.

Many of our customers have had this problem and come to us with what they think is a ruined patio. Cement spills are often aggressively treated with brick acid after installation by contractors. We do not recommend this. Rob Parker’s Best Conclear is our safer and ecological cement remover. However, it is possible to remove rust marks and stains caused by brick acid use with Rob Parker’s Best Rust Remover.

Rob Parker’s Best Rust Remover is easy to apply. Use a paint brush to apply the product to the affected spots and watch the rust disappear. Rinse the area with water once the rust has disappeared. When the area is dry Stoneworld recommend sealing the stone to prevent rust stains from occurring again.