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Spring patio clean

As spring unfolds, the promise of sunnier days invites us to step outside and reclaim our outdoor living spaces. Over the winter months, patios and pathways can accumulate unsightly debris, algae, and persistent black spots, turning what should be a welcoming outdoor oasis into a chore awaiting attention. But fret not, as tackling these common issues can be straightforward and satisfying with the right approach and tools. In this blog, we’ll explore how to effectively use specialized products like algae removers and Rob Parker’s Best Patio Cleaner to transform your outdoor areas. Whether you’re dealing with greasy stains, moss, or stubborn black spots, we’ll guide you through the best practices to ensure your patios and decks are not only clean but also well-maintained and ready for the warmer days ahead. Join us as we dive into a comprehensive spring cleaning routine that will leave your outdoor surfaces looking pristine and inviting.

How to Use Algae and Moss Remover: A Quick Guide

Maintain clean outdoor areas with an effective algae and moss remover. Here’s how to apply it efficiently:

1. Prepare the Area

Clear all debris to ensure the remover contacts the surface directly.

2. Mix the Solution

Dilute a 250ml bottle of algae remover in 8 litres of water. Adjust the concentration based on the algae or moss severity.

3. Apply Evenly

Use a low-pressure sprayer for even application. Saturate the area well to allow deep penetration of the biocide.

4. Let It Dry

Allow the surface to dry fully, usually a few hours, without disturbance. You should see results within 2-4 days.

5. Check the Weather

Apply in dry conditions and avoid using if rain is forecast within 4 hours to prevent dilution.

By following these straightforward steps, you can effectively keep your outdoor spaces clean and free of algae and moss year-round.

Natural Stone Cleaning


Maintaining clean and moss-free outdoor surfaces enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property and can significantly increase its value. By following these simple steps, you can effectively manage algae and moss growth, ensuring your outdoor areas remain pristine and inviting throughout the year. Always remember to choose a product that suits your specific needs and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.

Algae Remover and Patio Reviver

Use Rob Parker’s Best Algae Remover and Patio Reviver to remove green algae from your pathways and patios.

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How can I use Patio Cleaner?

Parker’s Best Patio Cleaner is simple. Here’s a quick guide to get great results:

Clear the Area

Remove any loose debris from the surface to ensure the cleaner can work effectively.

Patch Test

Always test the cleaner on a small, hidden section first to check for any adverse reactions.


  1. Use a low-pressure sprayer or a brush to apply the cleaner directly onto the surface. Do not dilute.


Let the cleaner sit for 10 to 60 minutes, keeping the area wet to allow the cleaner to work.

Scrub and Rinse

  1. After waiting, scrub the surface with a stiff brush and rinse thoroughly with water.

Repeat if Needed

  1. For stubborn stains, a second application may be necessary.

Patio Cleaner

The premier cleaner for outdoor stone and concrete surfaces.

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Rob Parker’s Best Patio Cleaner offers an easy and effective way to maintain the pristine appearance of your patio. Suitable for all stone and concrete surfaces, it ensures your outdoor areas remain free of unsightly stains and growths, enhancing your home’s outdoor appeal.