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Why Patio Sealer is So Important

patio sealer

Why Patio Sealer is So Important

A patio is the focal point of your outdoor living space, where you may relax, socialise, and engage in outdoor activities. With constantly changing weather and regular use, maintaining the vibrant and welcoming nature of your patio is important. This is where the significance of a patio sealer becomes undeniable.

Understanding Patio Sealer

A patio sealer is more than just a product; it’s protection for your patio, designed to enhance both its durability and it’s natural look. Acting as a shield, it safeguards the surface from moisture, discolouration from sun exposure, and staining. Using a high-quality patio sealer can not only extend the life of your patio but also keep it looking immaculate for years to come.

Is Sealing a Patio A Good Idea?

Patio sealer is important for natural stone surfaces for several reasons:

Protection from Weathering: Natural stone is susceptible to weathering caused by rain, snow, and cycles of freezing and thawing. Sealing the stone helps to protect it from these elements, prolonging its life and maintaining its appearance.

Stain Resistance: Natural stone is porous, which means it can absorb liquids and stains easily. A sealer fills these pores, making the stone more resistant to staining from spills, oils, and other substances.

Enhanced Appearance: Sealers can enhance the look of the stone by giving it a “wet look” or a satin or matte finish, depending on the type of sealer used. This can also help to bring out the natural colours and patterns in the stone.

Mould and Mildew Resistance: The moisture that can become trapped in unsealed stone can promote the growth of mould and mildew. Sealing the stone helps to prevent this moisture from penetrating the surface, thereby reducing the risk of mould and mildew formation.

Easier Maintenance: Sealed stone is easier to clean and maintain. Dirt, grime, and other materials are less likely to stick to the sealed surface, making it easier to keep the patio looking clean and new.

Preservation of Integrity: Over time, exposure to elements and traffic can cause natural stone to wear down, crack, or become loose. Sealing helps to preserve the structural integrity of the stone, ensuring that it remains stable and durable for longer.

The Variety of Patio Sealers for Natural Stone

The choice of the right patio sealer can significantly impact the longevity and appearance of your natural stone patio. Let’s explore the types available:

Topical Sealers: These form a protective film on the surface of the stone that prevents staining and water damage. Topical sealers can enhance the colour of the stone and are available in various finishes, from matte to high gloss. However, they can wear down over time and may require more frequent reapplication compared to other types.

Penetrating Sealers (Impregnating Sealers): Penetrating sealers penetrate the stone to protect against stains and moisture without changing the appearance of the stone’s surface. These sealers are absorbed into the stone, filling the pores, and help in repelling water and oil-based stains. They are ideal for high-traffic areas and are more durable than topical sealers.

Enhancing Sealers: These are a type of penetrating sealer that not only protects the stone but also enhances its natural colour, giving the stone a wet look. Enhancing sealers such as Rob Parkers Best Colour Enhancing Sealer, are particularly popular for use on stones where the natural colour and pattern are a significant part of the stone’s appeal.

Why Choose RPB Patio Sealer?

RPB Patio Sealer is an impregnating type of sealer which works by penetrating the stone’s pores, forming a protective barrier from within. This ensures that the sealer integrates with the stone, offering enhanced, long-lasting protection.

Opting for RPB Patio Sealer brings a host of advantages to your outdoor space, including:

Maintaining Your Sealed Patio

To ensure your sealed patio remains in top condition:

Patio Sealer

patio sealer

Protects any porous or permeable surface by providing a protective repellent layer to stop staining from water or oil based dirt and other grime.


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Patio Cleaner

The premier cleaner for outdoor stone and concrete surfaces.

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