How do I know Which Patio Cleaning Product is Right for My Patio?

Which patio cleaning product do you need to get your patio BBQ ready this spring?  If your patio is looking a bit grubby and dull after the winter, now is the ideal time to give it the spring clean it deserves, before BBQ season begins. It won’t be long before the good weather starts, and your outside entertaining will be all the more enjoyable if you get this job done now. Find out which product is best for your Patio Spring Clean here

Rob Parkers Best have 2 products specially formulated for patio cleaning.

Rob Parkers Best Patio Cleaner

Rob Parkers Best Algae Remover and Patio Reviver

How Do I know Which is the Best Product to Clean My Patio With?

Each is designed to deal with a specific different kind of deterioration of stone surfaces.  Stoneworld can advise you which product will be best for you to use.

Rob Parkers Best Patio Cleaner is best for the treatment of general dirt, caused by weathering, and the detrtitus that accumulates over winter, causing dirty dull stone. It is also absolutely fantastic at removing  black spot from all stone surfaces where it occurs.  Black Spot is a common problem with patios in the UK.  We understand it at Stoneworld, and have developed this product to specifically deal with the problem, attacking it on 2 fronts.  The formulation will kill the spores and hyphae trapped in the stone, but also bleach the dead parts that have become embedded in the surface of the stone.  This will initially improve the appearance of your patio by lightening them, but once dead, these particles will gradually loosen and over time you will be able to power wash them away.  The biocide in the formulation will kill the root cause of the problem, preventing the regrowth. We have written a whole blog about black spot, if you require any more information, READ HERE>>

Rob Parkers Best Algae Remover and Patio Reviver is best (and fantastic) at removing the green algae deposits that are typically found on stone and other surfaces after the damp, wet and shady conditions that prevail in a UK winter.  If you get into the habit of using this product to remove green algae, as part of your seasonal gardening calendar, your patio will always be BBQ ready when you need it!

One application of Rob Parkers Best Algae and Patio Reviver in the spring or autumn, will kill and remove all that green algae, revealing the original beauty of the stone.  You literally just apply, and leave nature to do the rest.  The product works gradually. Over a period of days you will see daily improvement in the stone surface.  The formulation works in conjunction with atmospheric conditions (sun, rain and air temperature) giving ongoing protection against further build up of green algae through out the season.

The handy size formulation that we supply this product in means you have what you need for one season’s treatment. (One bottle will treat an average size patio, sprayed neat via a low pressure hand held sprayer) No excess to store, no excess packaging used!

See how this patio comes back to life over a period of 7 days:

Use #RobParkersBestAlgaeRemoverPatioReviver to bring your patio back to life in a matter of days. One application per year is all you will need. Simply dilute as directed and apply with a low pressure sprayer. Walk away and it will start to work…and continue to work throughout the year. Call Stoneworld Oxfordshire on 01844 279274 to buy now

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