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Limestone Restorer/Enhancer

A stain resistant, water repellent, colour enhancer which improves the overall visual appearance of the substrate.

A colour reviver and protector for limestone that has faded beyond repair, or bleached by acid.

1 litre: £80.00 + VAT

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RPB Limestone Restorer/Enhancer is a stain resistant, water repellent, colour enhancer which improves the overall visual appearance of the substrate.

The special design of different molecular weight polymers enables superior performance.

This product forms a hard, durable finish that chemically reacts with the substrate.

Once treated with RPB Limestone Restorer/Enhancer, a surface will:

  • Allow moisture vapour to permeate out
  • Be suitable for multiple applications
  • Become water resistant
  • Allow stains to be cleaned with ease
  • Provide colour enhancement that embellishes
  • Improve the appearance in a single application
  • Provide a flat finish
  • Develop a sheen finish with multiple applications




Apply a thin coat. 1 litre will cover approx. 30sqm.

  • First try out on a small test area to ensure the product achieves the desired results.
  • Surface preparation: Clean, dry, free from dust, dirt, oil, efflorescence, organic growth and old coating films.
  • Do not dilute or mix with any other product.
  • Lightly apply with a foam pad in one even application. Do not pour directly on to paving to avoid runs, drips and pooling.
  • Remove excess product with a dry cloth with 30 minutes of application.
  • Treated surfaces will be visually dry in 4 hours depending on the surface type and the surrounding temperature and humidity.
  • Clean all tools and equipment with water immediately after use.
  • Optimum results are achieved after 5-7 days.
  • Not to be applied when there is an imminent likelihood of rain or when air or surface temperatures are below 5°C.
  • Not to be applied to organic, metallic or non-porous surfaces.



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