Rob Parker’s Best Patio Cleaner

Stone Patio CleanerRob Parker’s Best Patio Cleaner

is simply the best patio cleaner for removing the dreaded black spot. For use on all types of outdoor stone (limestone, sandstone, slate and granite) and concrete including paving slabs, paths and block paving.

Rob Parkers Best Patio Cleaner will clean:

  • general dirt and grime including greasy stains
  • patio black spots and marks
  • organic and microbiological growth such as algae, moss and lichens

Coverage: 1 litre of product will cover 5-10 sqm depending on the severity of the problem.

Easy to use and gives lasting results.

Suitable for all outdoor stone and concrete surfaces.

Especially effective against patio black spots and other microbiological soiling.


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A powerful and effective patio cleaner that will remove all types of general patio dirt and grime from stone surfaces.

It can be used on all types of stone & concrete paving, such as patios, paths and driveways.

Suitable for all types of light and dark coloured outdoor stone including sandstone, limestone, marble, travertine and granite.

The treated surfaces, including mortars and grouts, will not have their colours affected, and therefore it can be used to effectively clean dark stains on joints

We use the product to clean all our outdoor stone on display at our Head Office in Oxfordshire.

The patio cleaner is easy to use, we advise that you test a small area.


Method to Clean Patio with Rob Parkers Best Patio Cleaner (removes black spot)

For best results we recommend :

  • Pour product into a bucket. Apply by spreading and brushing with a deck brush.  This ensures true contact with the surface and indentations in the stone.
  • To work effectively the surface needs to remain saturated. Therefore cover the treated area to keep wet, excluding air.
  • Cover treated area with thin plastic and leave for 24 hours.  This will prevent evaporation, and ensure product can really get into the blackspot.
  • Coverage will be approximately 3-5 sq m per litre
  • The black spot will now be dead but still adhered to the treated surface.
  • To remove, rinse off with water using a stiff bristle brush or a power washer to dislodge the dead black spot.

Prefer a visual guide?

View video instructions here>>



Read our blog to fully understand what black spot is and how Rob Parkers Best Patio Cleaner works to remove it>>

Please refer to Product Guide for the full method details.

Product Safety – This product is subject to certain Health and Safety precautions (please refer to MSDS for the full details).