How to remove oil & grease stains from stone & concrete driveways & floors

How to remove oil & grease stains from stone & concrete driveways & floors

Oil and grease stains on drives and stone floors look terrible

If you’ve made a mess of your driveway, filling oil or fuel without a funnel, then whoops! you’ve probably created a greasy mess that you are struggling to remove!

Greasy stains on stone and concrete drives and floors soon become blackened with general grime, and will look 10 times worse in a short space of time.

Remove oil & grease stains from stone & concrete surfaces

To remove oil & grease stains  a serious degreaser is required.  Rob Parkers Best Heavy Duty Surface Cleaner  can solve the problem. Applied to the stained stone or concrete surface, it will deeply penetrate the porous surface and break down the grease particles.  All you have to do is agitate the product into the stain and then rinse away. Depending on the seriousness of the mess, either use Rob Parkers Best Heavy Duty Surface Cleaner neat, or dilute (up to 1:10 depending on your needs).

Rinse clean after use using hot pressurised water, and using a wet and dry vacuum , suck up the dirty waste.

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How to remove paint from stone paving

How to clean paint stains from stone paving?

Some home maintenance jobs can create a mess, and it can seem like never ending work is being created whilst trying to improve the home!
A typical example is exterior house painting. However careful the painter is, odd spots of paint can become stuck to adjacent paving and pathways.
Painting gates is another fiddly job, where paint applied to vertical surfaces will drip down onto driveways and paths, where if left it will dry and become very difficult to remove.
In more severe cases, a lot of paint can be spilt! Whoops! What can be used to remove this paint?

Don’t use brick acid!

Don’t use brick acid! This very harsh product seems to be the building trade go to product for clearing up a mess, but we strongly advise against this course of action.
Brick acid is an extremely harsh acid that works by dissolving the top layer of the stone to which it is applied. This can in some cases cause irreparable damage to the stone.

Use Rob Parkers Best Stone Stripper to remove paint & varnish stains from stone

Our advice is to use Rob Parker’s Best Stone Stripper. This is a gentle formulation that will dissolve multiple layers of paint, varnish and sealants from stone surfaces without causing damage to the stone.
This product needs to be applied generously to the affected area, and left for up to 24 hours before scraping and rinsing clean. Up to 5 layers of paint can be removed with a single application.

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How do I know Which Patio Cleaning Product is Right for My Patio?

How do I know Which Patio Cleaning Product is Right for My Patio?

Which patio cleaning product do you need to get your patio BBQ ready this spring?  If your patio is looking a bit grubby and dull after the winter, now is the ideal time to give it the spring clean it deserves, before BBQ season begins. It won’t be long before the good weather starts, and your outside entertaining will be all the more enjoyable if you get this job done now. Find out which product is best for your Patio Spring Clean here Read more

How Can I Remove Black Spot From My Patio?

How Can I Remove Black Spot From My Patio?

How to remove black spot from stone surfaces

If your patio has developed black marks which you are struggling to remove, the probability is that your patio is suffering from Black Spot.



Read this blog to understand what Black Spot is , and the best way to remove it:

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How do I remove rust marks from my patio?

Rust marks can appear on a patio for various reasons, and can prove tricky to remove.

Rust marks can stain a patio where metal furniture has beenplaced onto a stone patio.

If you employ a lawn maintenance company they may spread fertiliser around your patio and path area.  These products can contain iron, and when mixed with water and air they become iron oxide. Again, this will create rust marks on top of the stone surfaces such as patios and pathways.

Rob Parkers Best Rust Remover is easy to apply.  Use a paint brush to apply the product to the affected spots and watch the rust disappear.  Rinse the area with water once the rust has disappeared. When the area is dry Stoneworld recommend sealing the stone to prevent rust stains from occurring again.

Rob Parker’s Best Patio Cleaner At Work

Rob Parker’s Best Patio Cleaner At Work

This Fossil Mint Sandstone Paving was laid more than 10 years ago, on our landscaping display area. Previously it was occasionally cleaned using a high pressure washer, but we found that it was not suitable for removing the accumulating black spot that blights many patios in the UK.  We set to work to find the best product for cleaning the patios we sell to our customers. Rob Parkers Best Patio Cleaner is the most effective patio cleaner for the removal of Black Spot
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