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Why Has My Paving Changed Colour?

Why Has My Paving Changed Colour?

Natural stone paving can undergo colour transformations due to various factors, leaving homeowners puzzled and confused. Once you understand the common issues that can cause colour changes in your paving, you will be better equipped to take appropriate action.

Orange Discolouration

An orange tinge on your paving might be the result of iron deposits and rust. When iron particles encounter moisture and oxygen, they can cause unsightly rust stains. Fortunately, RPB Rust Remover offers an effective solution for addressing rust stains and restoring the original colour of your paving. Regular maintenance and sealing can also help prevent future rust-related discolouration.

Green Discolouration

The emergence of a greenish hue on your patio is often indicative of algae and moss growth. These organisms thrive in damp, shaded areas with limited sunlight. To restore your patio’s natural colour and prevent further growth, consider using RPB Algae Remover and Patio Reviver. Additionally, enhancing drainage and increasing sunlight exposure can help prevent future algae and moss problems.

Black Discolouration

A blackened patio can be disheartening, but fear not – there’s a likely explanation. The appearance of blackness could be due to dirt build-up, black spot, or mildew. To combat this issue, consider using RPB Patio Cleaner. This specialised cleaner is designed to remove and clean natural contamination like black spot, algae and lichen and

Paving Colour Has Faded

Fading is a prevalent issue that many homeowners encounter with their paving. This is particularly prevalent with limestone paving. Over time, exposure to the elements, particularly harsh sunlight, and rain, can cause colours to fade. To combat this and revive existing paving, it is recommended to use RPB Limestone Restorer/Enhancer, which is a colour reviver and protector for limestone that has faded. Another culprit that causes a greyish-faded colour on paving, is efflorescence, which is the migration of salt to the surface, where it forms a coating. To get rid of this, a salt neutraliser would be needed to remove the existing salt deposits and revive its original colour.

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